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Step by step HP Designjet T120 / T50 / T130 / T530 Series Printer Installation:

How to setup & install HP Designjet T9x0 / T15x0 / T25x0 Series printer

HP Designjet T730 / T830mfp Printer Advance Support

HP Designjet T9x0 / T15x0 / T25x0 Series Printer Advance Support

Replace HP Designjet T790 / T1300 / T2300 Series Printhead (Step by step):

Replace HP Designjet T610 / T770 / T1200 Series Printhead (Step by step): 

HP Designjet ePrint and Share: 

Download & Install HP Designjet 510 Driver (With Install Instruction): 

HP Care Pack Services maintain your HP Designjet Printer at best performance...

Need a better after sales service when your printer's warranty is about to end?

Yes, you can consider to extend the warranty with HP Care Pack Post Warranty Services.

This Post Warranty Care Pack will provide you a comprehensive hardware support when your printer hardware failure, with next business day onsite response inclusive parts / labor and transport. However, this care pack do not cover the consumables such as ink and print head warranty (which is carried by different warranty terms and condition).

Upon activation of your printer as a post warranty care pack unit, you are entitle to have

  1. Priority to receive the part replacement when hardware failure, less downtime and maximum productivity.
  2. Free of charge on troubleshoot and diagnostics on printer failure, by DPI Technology Sdn Bhd
  3. Predictable (fix) maintenance cost, as the cost of maintenance had paid as the care pack price.
  4. Your valuable HP Designjet printer will service and maintain by HP certified engineer.
  5. HP post warranty certificate will forward to you and recognized by HP Malaysia.
  6. No hassle on the service and support maintenance, you can focus on your business but not your printer hardware.

What after sales & service we provide?

  1. Carriage Belt replacement
  2. Service station service and cleaning
  3. Carriage Assembly Replacement / Repair
  4. Hardware / Formatter Board diagnostic
  5. Sensor / Motor / MISC part replacement

Charges: Standard service charge PER CASE upon diagnostic and troubleshooting, NO further service charge if agree on the part replacement quotation / proposal.
Parts warranty: Standard 3 months warranty
Service area: Onsite service within Klang Valley


Can't get the part & service for your HP Designjet? Has your HP Designjet printer reached its end-of-service-life?
When your HP Designjet printer reaches its end-of-service-life date (listed in the chart below), HP will no longer support it. Please see your service and purchasing options below.

HP Designjet printer descriptionHP part #Last day that you can purchase a CarePack*End-of-Service-Life date*
HP Designjet 1050C and 1055CMC6074A and C6075A9/1/20069/1/2007
HP Designjet 5500 42" Dye PrinterQ1251A4/1/20134/1/2014
HP Designjet 5500PS 42" Dye PrinterQ1252A4/1/20134/1/2014
HP Designjet 5500 60" Dye PrinterQ1253A4/1/20134/1/2014
HP Designjet 5500PS 60" Dye PrinterQ1254A4/1/20134/1/2014
HP Designjet 5500 42" UV PrinterQ1251V4/1/20134/1/2014
HP Designjet 5500PS 42" UV PrinterQ1252V4/1/20134/1/2014
HP Designjet 5500 60" UV PrinterQ1253V4/1/20134/1/2014
HP Designjet 5500PS 60" UV PrinterQ1254V4/1/20134/1/2014
HP Designjet 800 24" PrinterC7779B12/31/201212/31/2013
HP Designjet 800 42” PrinterC7780B12/31/201212/31/2013
HP Designjet 800PS 24” PrinterC7779C12/31/201212/31/2013
HP Designjet 800PS 42" PrinterC7780C12/31/201212/31/2013
HP Designjet 820MFPQ6658A11/30/201211/30/2013
HP Designjet 500 24" PrinterC7769B5/1/20135/1/2014
HP Designjet 500 42" PrinterC7770B5/1/20135/1/2014
HP Designjet Z3100 FamilyQ5669A, Q6659A, Q5670A, Q6660A12/31/201312/31/2014
HP Designjet 4000 FamilyQ1273A, Q1274A5/31/20145/31/2015
HP Designjet 4500 FamilyQ1271A, Q1272A5/31/20145/31/2015
HP Designjet T610 FamilyQ6711A, Q6712A5/31/20145/31/2015
HP Designjet T1100 Family, T1100MFPQ6683A, Q6687A, Q6684A, Q6688A, Q6713A5/31/20145/31/2015
HP Designjet 1050C+ PrinterC6074B10/31/201310/31/2014
HP Designjet 1055CM+ PrinterC6075B10/31/201310/31/2014
HP Designjet T1120 FamilyCK837A, CK838A, CK839A, CK840A11/30/201411/30/2015
HP Designjet T1200CH538A, CH834A5/31/20165/31/2017
HP Designjet T770HDVCN375A, CQ306A5/31/20165/31/2017
HP Designjet T1120 HD-MFPCK841A6/30/20156/30/2016
HP Designjet T620CK835A6/30/20156/30/2017
HP Designjet Z6100 FamilyQ6651A, Q6652A, Q6653A, Q6654A11/30/201511/30/2016
HP Designjet T1120 SD-MFPCM719A11/30/201511/30/2016
HP Designjet 4020, 4520, 4520 Scanner, 4520 HD-MFPCM765A, CM766A, CM767A, CM768A, CM770A, CM769A11/30/201511/30/2016